Enskar yrkingar frá farnu øld

Eg fann eina mappu við enskum tekstum, ið eg skrivaði í 90’unum, tá vit í MC-Hár arbeiddu við enskmæltum tónleiki. Hetta er ymiskt, sum ongnatíð bleiv brúkt, líka burtursæð frá tekstinum til What, sum er upprunaligi teksturin til sangin Vátt, sum er á MC-hár – Framvegis uttan vit. Hann er eisini elsti teksturin av hesum, og er skrivaður í 1992. Eg veit ikki, helt bara tað var eitt sindur stuttligt at finna, havi ikki sæð tað í eini 12 ár. Kanska onkur annar eisini heldur tað, um ikki, so er bara at lata vera við at lesa hetta.


Under my magic carpet
Life is joy and Joy is a girl
Joy is fun but she kills my world
I found joy when Joy found peace
my old friend Jesus put her soul at ease

Away and away let’s go astray
could have been you or Doris Day
astray, astray let’s run away
back and forth with the wind I sway

You ask me for answers I offer you none
I’m rather bored with having fun
played with Elvis and beat him in chess
he begged for more but I gave him less

Away and away let’s go astray
could have been you or Doris Day
astray, astray let’s run away
back and forth with the wind I sway

I got to run just couldn’t stay
I’d fade away like an old cliché
I could have run just had stay
I rather like this old cliché


The way it seems
Lubricated rebels of the new world scene
blend into the crowd with the colours obscene
lost cause fighting for a different same
glorious merits on the quest for fame

Paperback issue of eternal salvation
in a groase impersonation of a once great nation

Frantic obsession with hope gone sour
fabricating news on every hour
downloading truth in absence of real
blaming God for the cards he deals

Paperback issue of eternal salvation
in a groase impersonation of a once great nation

Sit-com writer soaking in dreams
nothing is quite the way it seems
manifestation of justice prevails
in the dying minutes of the O.J. trial


To kill the silence

Feeling blue like an oyster in a cult band
getting lost in this bed of mental quick sand
finding why’s in the absence of a saviour
trying to break normal boundaries of behaviour
marching on down a lane of lost emotions
as my soul feels the carving of corrosion
scent the goal of complete emancipation
turn my back on the restraints of a nation

In a time where the time is of essence
realise that I’m fading out of presence
loosing grip of my mode of true existence
feel that life’s slowly giving up resistance
had a way out but lost it in a card game
lost my hope, lost my dope, lost my fame
rather die than become another sit com
a sad reflection of a once great beach bum

To find an answer is the loss of a question
poetry is but case of thought digestion
couldn’t help but finding questions in the answer
doubt is spreading in my body like a cancer
searching cover in the ignorance of smiling
writing music just to kill the sound of silence
as the rhythm of my hearth is getting slower
my soul finds bliss in this my final mental cover


Twice in a lifetime (three times for some)
Obvious lack of all that counts
on the last day of a millennium of failure
undoing the final of the better deeds
nourishing the last of the mourning seeds
stone cold push of the cliff of hope
land on my feet on mortal grounds
write my will on the back of my hand
as the sky comes crashing down

Love is my engine of forgiveness
Love the flower of my life
Love is a torch in the darkness
Love will always prevail

The earth is on fire beneath me
on the last day of a millennium of failure
the past hits the future without remorse
and the world comes crashing down
got a pocket full of change a ticket to ride
but the roads are blocked and the trains have stopped
I hit the floor in instant replay
and time has seized to be

Love is my engine of forgiveness
Love the flower of my life
Love is a torch in the darkness
Love will always prevail


divine intervention

such a beautiful day for it
got my daily midlife crisis tucked away
in the back of my mind
with the rest of the baggage that I lost
on my way to the surface
so the word’s out
and the new age priests gather round
find their answers in my words
i’m the god long lost
i’m the new religion
got my daily midlife crisis tucked away
such a beautiful day for it

believe in my way
believe in the things i say

at the blink of an eye
sees the fall of a once great nation
it’s yet another dream
or a way out
my middle name seems to change
as i fade away
turn into an icon
or a god
or the freak down the street
turn me on to a different
way of seeing things in a different light
it’s the same old story
turn it off again

believe in my way
believe in the things i say

beat me with a stick
tell me where to stand
which stand to take
mould me into another god
or a different person in need of a different way
well it’s all up to you
got the right to choose on behalf of humanity
it’s a burden
a chance of a lifetime
mine or yours
it’s the same side of two coins
a valid ticket to the parking meter of time
or life
or whatever
don’t really care too much
beat you right back



Malice in my silver cup shows the truth I cannot dare
put my thrust in people for it’s you’s I fear
mental segregation is the curse that you bring
isolated waiting for a different thing
never trusted the world to show me the way
seem to learn to live with being a prey
trouble shooting me’s to get rid off you’s
trusting the trespassers is a go at abuse

scandalised reality
indifferent fantasy
hopeful diplomacy
grateful hypocrisy

Lustful flirt with the wrong kind men
the stairway to heaven is the way to Zen
ridiculous fractions of amazing grace
those long lost words thrown back in my face
wannabe you’s keep breathing down my neck
another million of reasons to hit the deck
I try to bleach my soul in a Johnny Walker lake
dying, trying to be a better fake



Through the dark into the light
asleep, awake or maybe dead
can’t tell if this is real or not
can’t close my eyes, can’t find my life

The sky is bleeding silver tears
son of the sun is born again
burning, feeling pain’s unreal
show me where is my night

This ain’t the way it ought to be
something must have gone wrong
taste the rain it’s sugar sweet
show me where is the dark

The lights they blind me I can’t see
whether my life has gone or not
help me walk the endless line
help me find my night

Groovy says that blond head girl
groovy says that bitch
my life is gone or maybe not
the answer can’t be found



simplicity rules in a world of opportunities
where the east meets the west in a golden bliss
with colgate smiles and designer breasts
the children of the moment turn tomorrows gods
it’s a simple dream maybe best forgotten
in this complicated world of simplicity reign
it’s the latest model in latex pleasure
who gives head in tomorrows press

blessed be the meek in the name of electricity
blessed be he who blesses the meek

it’s a different world maybe best forgotten
in the shadow of the dream of a simple reign
where the working girls turn in ten hour shifts
to pay for the dreams that they never had
it’s a simple life for a simple minded man
possession of words is the dish of the day
it’s another day in the same old world
the congregation gathers to fear the priest


Social awareness

Random chance of second glance
turns it’s back on the world in ecstatic trance
unifies the dream of yesteryears hope
with the world where only the weakest cope
in a split of a second all turns rotten
all thoughts of apologies are soon forgotten
social awareness takes us home
moral and ethics and justice roam

Laptop justice is a treat for the eye
in the search for an other eternal why
social is sexual is mental is good
eternal is basically misunderstood
for the unification is all that counts
look away to surpress the amounts
internal agony is beating me down
my mental kingdom longs for a crown



Impatience of mind gives away for boredom
and I’m carried away by the boatman’s call
ridiculed and lost I stagger on
but at the end of the tunnel I see but black
moulded by death and raped by life
I crawl backwards through yesterday
pushed up against the wall
I reach out for your hand

Mockery of life
carries me through death
mockery of death
takes away my life

Bad seeds turn my dark to black
as the cave swallows me up
shadows are lost in the total eclipse
life is slowly fading out
turn to religion but mind games win
as the thrust in science grows cold
count my losses and fade away
I blend into the night


Over the edge

Sparkplug junkie on a bungy rope
living life on speed on a downhill slope
dive into the sea from the Brooklyn bridge
way, way, way to cool I’m a human fridge
gasoline injection straight in to my vain
jumping of edge is a trip at the brain
racing like a devil down a dead end street
don’t mind dying if I die in the lead

Using my life to find the mackle in light
realising that darkness is always bright
mark my words for I speak of hate
in the burning love hate offers shade

Rockabilly peacock in the back of my car
riding the moon like a Western star
wrapped into the fog of the acid smog
in lack of a princess I rape the frog
looking for war in the boredom of peace
immunal defence strip in pursuit of disease
running away when I’m forced to stay
looking for night in the light of day

the essence of a gun is feeling the blast
the essence of a car is driving fast
the essence of love is that in never lasts
the essence of a witch is the spells she casts
the essence of sex is the VD chance
the essence of a dance is not the dance
the essence of drugs is the risk of OD
they showed me the dark but I couldn’t see

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